How to sign up for the Shropshire Hills Art Week 2018

To join us for 2018 you need to do four things:

  • Contact us through this website to check you are within the area covered by the Art Week (note, this is just a geographical check; if you are outside the area, it may be possible for you to join in with a joint show within the Shropshire Hills)
  • Complete an artist form (get one to open your studio here  or for a joint show  here) and email it to jules[at]ShropshireHillsArtWeek[dot]co[dot]uk
  • Send some images to be used on YOUR page on the SHAW website – please ensure these are good quality (at least 3 MB in size), label each one with your full name and the work's title, and email them singly to the above email address
  • Mail a cheque to pay for your membership and exhibition charge (find out costs here); the address to send it to will be emailed to you when you contact us through the website

All that is left then is to get painting and making!

Read on to find out more about the Shropshire Hills Art Week, or Contact us now for more information


Images by James Hall, Jane Keay and Gordon Yapp