Sarah Jameson

photography, drawing & monoprint



Who are you: I’m not sure – still haven’t quite worked that one out. I’m half Welsh, half English.

What I do: Creatively, I draw in pen & ink, take and play with photographs and experiment (messily) with botanical monoprinting. I am starting to experiment with mixing media, blurring the boundaries a little bit, incorporating words and parts of my poems. I also make cards and hand-made books.

What inspires me – walking at dusk, trees, especially in winter, fog and mists, narrow wooded valleys, the ethereal and mysterious (rainbows, eclipses and other natural phenomena), ghosts, corvids, murmurations, quiet pools and reflections … and the wonder of a sighthound at full stretch. I’m quite interested in the ‘in-between’ – the liminal – the real and imagined - and the idea of borderlands, which fits in well living here in the Redlake, in England (now) but graced with many Welsh place and field names.

Why I do it – My day to day work needs a high degree of organisation and constant plate spinning; getting out my sketchbook or my Ipad, or rolling the wheel of the printing press, uses a completely different part of my brain and it’s like finally settling on to a very comfortable sofa, sinking back and breathing a huge sigh of relief.

My work this year will hopefully combine a love of line with experiments in colour in celebration of the natural world and our wonderful countryside both here in the Redlake in Shropshire and in my homeland of Wales.

Why you should visit me – If I get it right, maybe a little bit of escapism?

Sarah will be part of a group show at Aardvark Books in Brampton Bryan


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Sarah will be exhibiting as part of a joint show at Aardvark Books in Brampton Bryan, SY7 0DH
There is a cafe and a great range of books to explore, as well as country walks and the River Clun nearby