Michael Hancock – print maker


Who I am

I am a clown, actor and artist. I have been living in the marches for the last 8 years after years of travelling the world performing, writing, singing and making people laugh. I also lead workshops to help people to discover and and liberate their creative impulses. I am passionate about the natural world and work to ensure we leave a world for future generations to enjoy by advocating sustainable development. I have a particular interest in sustainable farming practices, the production of 'real' food and supporting local, ethical food producers.

What I do

Currently, I make Intaglio prints – collagraphs, embossings and drypoints. I use an old Kimber etching press at the Sidney Nolan Trust in Pretseigne and produce my work to as high a standard as possible in short editions with strong elements in each individual print based on the various methods I use to colour them.

What inspires me

I am inspired by what I call the 'Nearby Wild', that is the natural world that we find near to us. For some of us that might be a window box when laid up with illness or, for others, an inaccessible hanging valley deep in the Cairngorm mountains. Essentially, it is about seeing connectedness to nature where we are now and not aspiring to be somewhere else. The feeling of the rhythm of light, colour and form in the natural world is paramount in my work.

My work this year 

The work I will be exhibiting at Aardvark will be prints using a mixture of different Intaglio techniques exploring new themes that have been emerging as I recover form a series of operations that have limited my mobility and agility over the last couple of years.

Michael will be exhibiting as part of a joint show at Aardvark Books in Brampton Bryan, SY7 0DH
There is a cafe and a great range of books to explore, as well as country walks and the River Clun nearby