Susie Cawley – painter




Who I am

I studied at Loughborough University of the Arts and graduated with with a degree in Textile design. I worked as a designer in London and part time lecturer and now live and paint in Ludlow

What I do

Painting in oils, watercolours, inks , collage ,mixed media

What inspires me

I'm most inspired by the land of the Welsh Marches where I live and the sea and coasts of the most northern parts of Wales or wherever I travel. I love the fleeting effects of light, weather and clouds and the moments of atmospheric events

Why I do it 

I am interested in the intrinsic qualities of paint and its manipulating it to achieve the effects of light and atmosphere

My work this year

I have been engaged by light: at varying times of day, on the sea's surface, piercing the clouds and from behind thunder clouds.The mood changing qualities of light and emotive response it draws from us when we view landscape, coasts and seas