Roger Bradley – painter

Garden Cottage, Bayton, Worcestershire DY14 9LY




Who I am

I retired from full time teaching in 2006. I had a managerial roll in art and design based in Wolverhampton Education Dept. I have always painted and exhibited but since retiring I have devoted all of my time to a wide range of art work.

I am a member of East West Artists, exhibiting work in both London and Japan.

I have shown work throughout the UK

I am a gallery artist with Bebb Fine Art, Ludlow

What I do

I draw on location in charcoal chalk and pastel then combine these in mixed media work. Later I develop these studies into acrylic paintings in the studio, which is large enough to accommodate canvases, which I make myself, up to six or seven feet.

I also have a large Columbia printing press, which allows me to develop further images as linocuts, collographs and other relief plates.

What inspires me

Frequent visits to the islands of the Outer Hebrides where scattered villages mingle with ancient sites in the moorland and adjacent mountains are the source of my work. Winding roads, rough tracks, sea pools, moorland,, hills, mountains and clusters of buildings old and new. At the core is a concern for the paint itself, It’s plasticity, variations of application in the form of scraffito, staccato , impasto and scumble all aiding the alchemic transformation of the image.

Why I do it

I have a need to clarify the emotions /sensations that engage me in the real world. Through my work I want to see what these look like. I want my work to go beyond the impression of a place, I am seeking a synthesis of experience and perception leading to an intense sense of connection

My work

This year I have completed a range of both large scale and smaller work in mixed media and acrylic. I am now beginning a series of prints that continue to explore moods and atmosphere through the emotive landscape of the Western Isles. I have exhibited at MOMA Wales, Tower House Gallery, Knighton , Knighton Fine Art and as gallery artist at Bebb Fine Art Ludlow.