Lyn Evans – torn paper artist



Lyn Evans is a Shrewsbury based artisit who specialises in torn paper art.

What I do:

Lyn brings us familiar sights seen in unfamiliar ways. Her delicate collage technique lends a dreamlike quality to views of local towns, landscapes and coastal scenery.

In her work fragments of glossy magazine paper transform themselves unmistakably into blossom on trees, the iron girders of a bridge, shop fronts and houses nestled into green hillsides.

What inspires me:

The Shropshire landscape around me provides a constant inspiration and influences all my work, from the countryside, to the towns, from the animals to the wonderful people. I have a passion for colour and texture and my torn paper collages reflect these twin loves.

Why I do it:

Lyn made her first collage as a birthday present for a friend when she didn’t have access to her paints. Her friend was so impressed with the results that Lyn was spurred on to create more. Using tiny pieces of coloured paper Lyn recreates villages, harbours and town landmarks saying “my collages try to replicate the images I have seen or observed”.