Josie Crompton – painter


Who I am

I studied at Wigan College of Art, Lancashire and more recently Sheffield Hallam University graduating with a degree in Multimedia & Design followed by a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. I worked as a lecturer in South Yorkshire before moving to the Upper Clun Valley, Shropshire in 2010.

What I do

My principal painting medium is mixed media, working primarily in watercolour and pen. I like to work in situ initially, working from direct observation and drawings and then using photographs to complete the piece, particularly for colour-referencing.

What inspires

I am inspired by the natural effects of the seasons transmitting the light and their interaction with landforms. I aim to capture a feeling of history, shrouded by the peacefulness of the local scenery.

Why I do it

I find painting endlessly fascinating, challenging and exploratory.

My work this year

Working on commissions and new work for this exhibition.