Tricia Mitchell – printer


Who I am: I studied and tutored in modern art history with and for the OU. I have had a lifelong interest in drawing. In the past six/seven years I have extended this interest into using the drawings to produce prints.

What I do: For me everything begins with the quick sketch done as an exploration of whatever it is that intrigues me. It is important to me to retain the spontaneity and movement of line from the original sketch in the prints.

What inspires me: It can be anything that stops me in my tracks because it has a certain quality of line or tone that I then feel the need to engage with.

Why I do it: The driving force in my work is an attempt to capture the human element in people, animals and the man made world.

My work this year: I am currently categorising and continuing to develop my work along the lines of several main themes in order to reflect on what it is that I do.

Why you should visit me: If you are in any way interested in or curious about adventures in drawing and printmaking, then come and see for yourself.

Printmaking: monoprint; monotype; hand finished polyester plate lithography; ink and oil drawings