Tim Phillips – painter and box maker

St Cleopas, Cabin, Bishop's Castle SY9 5JG


I’ve been perched on the side of a hill –overlooking the Edenhope Valley above Mainstone - for the last 40 years, making my living initially as a designer and architectural joiner (Tuke + Phillips), and then as a box-maker, painter and calligrapher (Borderline Boxes), and I now live nearer to Bishops Castle.

I’ve worked mostly with English hardwoods, and began keeping field notes and sketchbooks in the Nineties to help me understand how wood comes about. These hills and valleys are so rich in quirky, unmediated trees, that I’ve gradually found myself painting and writing more than woodworking.

I use watercolours and Chinese inks for painting, and various – usually local or recycled- woods, velvets etc. for box-making.

My paintings use details – often with notes/poems attached – to look at change; change through time, in the light, in the seasons, and in the way colour works when seen close up. I’ve just finished a series of paintings called The Holding Garden, which explore memory and childhood, and I’ve designed a box-frame to display and store the series of twelve haiku paintings I completed recently. These are also variously available as direct laser and giclee prints. (All the images shown here are details of larger paintings.)

I’ve just completed a new workshop , so I hope to have some new box and wood work to show in the summer. We’re just  a couple of minutes drive up the hill from Bishops Castle, so why not come and have a cup of tea and a chat?