Russell Morris – illustrator and print maker


The exhibition "All the days she can spare" brings together drawings, prints and poetry to form a personal response to the experience of Alzheimer's. The portrait drawings, were made on a daily basis in pocket sketch books and document my Mothers gradual decline during her final years in hospital. Understandably, this was a difficult period, but it seemed important not to let this time simply slip away, as each day held many special moments.

Making these drawings, whilst I exchanged the news of the day, provided a point of emotional connection, which as her powers of speech declined, gradually intensified as time progressed. Generally my Mother welcomed this attention, holding my free hand as I drew, and tapping to let me know when enough was enough. It was plain from the outset that these drawings were more than a visual record, they were an exchange of thought and feeling.

The mono-prints and poetry, produced privately afterwards, allowed me to consider and explore those issues which decline and inevitable loss stir in us all. This is complex territory where the intensity of the situation provoked much reflection upon the emotional and psychological bond between Mother and Son, the carer and the cared for.

The exhibition is arranged to give a sense of the progression of the condition with it's ebb and flow, and offers an experience which, although raw is also resonant.

Russell's work will be on show at the Bleddfa Centre just beyond Knighton during SHAW. Belddfa has a shop and a cafe, and there is a pub next door.