Polly Moseley – mixed media



Who I am

Polly Moseley, MA. Art in Architecture.

B.A. Sculpture.

I am a film and television editor.


What I do

I like to respond to the subject, material or the space that will house an artwork and create accordingly, This means that the techniques that I use are varied and my works of art tend to evolve as I am developing them.


What inspires me

Varied mediums. Threads of all sorts. I work in silks, cotton, bark cloth, wool, velvet, lace.

Why I do it:

As a means to express my emotional  response to a place or event.


My work this year

Bark cloth to lace.

Sheppard's Walk.

Colour cords.

Seeing the colour wheel.



Mosaic in silk.


Why you should visit me

Your enjoyment.