Jock Wright – painter

What I do: My work is entirely abstract and the ideas evolve from earlier paintings and then develop further as I work. If I title things, this is simply to identify the canvas rather than to suggest what the viewer might see there. I would like people to come to the work with an open eye and to enjoy the images and colours

What inspires me: The work of Titian, Rembrandt, Cezanne and what I see around me

Why I do it: I do it because I need to

My work this year: Recent work is smaller than previously ; mostly less than two feet square and the forms tend to be softer

Why you should visit me: If you come here, you will see not only where I work, but also how paintings develop from the bare canvas.

Jock has an open studio at Yarborough House, Market Square, Bishops Castle SY9 5BN