Claudia Petley – Metalsmiths

The Coach House, Norbury, near Bishop's Castle SY9 5DX



Claudia Petley and Paul Shepherd established as Metalsmiths over 20 years ago. Sharing a studio workshop they have developed a unique working relationship where both create pieces individually and together.

Their interest in sculptural forms and Nature has led to the development of life size birds and animals. These pieces are formed out of beaten, forged and welded steel. These are then galvanised, etched and left to weather naturally.

Paul and Claudia work together to capture the essence and character of the creature, whether this is the rowdiness of crows, the serenity of the barn owl or the comedic strut of a chicken.


Claudia and Metalsmiths are part of a joint show at The Coach House in Norbury near  Bishops Castle; she also has work at Bank House in Bishop's Castle SY9 5BQ