Bronte Woodruff – painter




I am a painter who loves exploring various media, always on the lookout for new forms of expression. 

I paint and draw land and animals primarily, but have recently been working more in an abstract vein.

I love the land, shapes, contours, texture .. tree bark, fuzzy spring tree tops bursting with vitality, wobbly new lambs, cats' backs, horses rumps ...

I have itchy fingers .. I need the joy of immersing myself in a new technique, subject or media.

This year, I have painted small landscapes in acrylic and in watercolour, but also some large abstracts in acrylic.

Bronte will be exhibiting as part of a joint show at Aardvark Books in Brampton Bryan, SY7 0DH
There is a cafe and a great range of books to explore, as well as country walks and the River Clun nearby

She also has work at Bank House in Bishops Castle, SY9 5BQ