Anne Stephens – jeweller

Bank House, Bishop's Castle SY9 5BQ



Who I am

Originally from London, I have lived in Mid-Wales for 25 years and now run a smallholding in addition to carrying on the family tradition of jewellery making.

What I do

When I am not looking after my wildflower meadows and Hebridean sheep, I particularly enjoy working in silver and gold but also work in anodised aluminium, titanium and recycled plastic, which brings vibrant colour into the work.  Natural stone and mineral specimens (often made into bead necklaces) also add brilliance,  I have also ventured into exploring fibre crafts.

What Inspires me

Enchantment with the precious natural world around us, together with reflections on ever decreasing biodiversity.

Why I do it

I get tremendous pleasure out of providing people with something they can enjoy and creating good memories for them

My work this year

Has included electro-forming natural materials (e.g. preserving skeleton leaves and seed pods), setting interesting mineral specimens and knitting wrist warmers in the finest wool I can source!

Why you should visit me

.....and Bishops Castle, which is a charming little town with lots to see and explore as well as our inspiring and unique open studios.

Anne will be exhibiting as part of a joint show at  Bank House in Bishops Castle, SY9 5BQ

Tea and cakes are available, and Bank House also offers Bed and Breakfast in one of its beautifully appointed rooms

It is also the start of the Bishops Castle Sculpture Trail, which is new for Art Week this year; so pick up a trail map!
There are steps at the entrances, so please call for information or assistance: 01588 630026 or 07712 010525