Angela Minkin – printmaker

Bank House, Bisop's Castle SY9 5BQ


This year I’ve tried not to focus too much on one particular subject, allowing myself the freedom to be curious about whatever interests me at the time.
I have enjoyed answering my own line of enquiry into pattern and colour through the medium of lino print and screen print. All the processes of making are especially comforting to me. The blending of colour, the sticky sound of the roller on the inked surface, the soft smell of oils and binder. These things bring to me a feeling of wholeness and calm.
An image will begin as a drawing, then I may move some features around so I get the layout I’m after. I’ll play with a few colour options before deciding. Then once the lino is cut or the design ready on the screen, the ink can work it’s magic and be transferred by printing onto the paper; a lovely flat finish which gives me a sense of fulfilment and helps to propel me onto my next project or piece, whatever that might be.



Angela will be exhibiting as part of a joint show at  Bank House in Bishops Castle, SY9 5BQ

Tea and cakes are available, and Bank House also offers Bed and Breakfast in one of its beautifully appointed rooms

There are steps at the entrances, so please call for information or assistance: 01588 630026 or 07712 010525