Angela Minkin – printmaker

Bank House, Bisop's Castle SY9 5BQ

Who I am

I do a fair amount of walking from my rural hub so as I’m on the move I suppose that I feed my mind’s eye without thinking about it. This in turn must have an affect on the work I produce, even if indirectly. A walk will settle me into the day , helps me decide on how to work on my latest piece and may even sway my choices of colour.

I like to be on the go so find the initial draught of a design can be tricky as I need to stay still and focus.Then when it comes to the printmaking itself; mixing the inks,rolling the colour out; all the physical stuff, I’m in my element. And seeing a good result is pure happiness to me and propels me on to do more.

What I do

I prefer to draw my image first from photographs then decide on how best to separate the colours within the design. This helps me work out how to cut the lino as I move it into print. I like to use Japanese lino as it’s softer to carve.

I sell my artwork both framed and unframed , and I also have a selection of cards for sale.

What inspires me

I do tend to like a bit of detail, pattern and shape so am drawn to that. I never know where the next idea will come from, It can be from architecture, landscape or even some things of interest on my window sill.

Why I do it

The most simple answer is because I love it. It’s not just about being pleased with the outcome, it’s about enjoying the processes along the way. Of course I get a kick out of it when the finished product is good. For me printing is magic.

My work this year

I have tended in the past to worry too much over the flatness of a print, associating this with perfection. I have learned this year that bringing more texture to my work can enhance its qualities and bring depth to the finished piece.

Why you should visit me

I think it’s good to be curious and open minded in life, and it’s always interesting to see the many things that local humans can create with their minds and hands. You may well be inspired yourselves.



Angela will be exhibiting as part of a joint show at  Bank House in Bishops Castle, SY9 5BQ

Tea and cakes are available, and Bank House also offers Bed and Breakfast in one of its beautifully appointed rooms

It is also the start of the Bishops Castle Sculpture Trail, which is new for Art Week this year; so pick up a trail map!
There are steps at the entrances, so please call for information or assistance: 01588 630026 or 07712 010525